Jul 11, 2010

Arabic food - names of Arabic meals

Names of Arabic meals

This is a selection of appetizers that can be eaten alone as in breakfast, as well as important ingredients of Arabic dishes:

Ackawi - white cheese originating from the Palestinian town of Akka now called Acre or Akko
Baba ghanouj - char-grilled aubergine (eggplant), tahina, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic puree—served as a dip.
Baklava - a dessert of layered pastry filled with nuts and steeped in Attar Syrup (orange [or] rose water and sugar), usually cut in a triangular or diamond shape.
Balila - known as Cumin Chickpeas.
Batata harra - literally "spicy potatoes".
Fattoush - 'peasant' salad of toasted pita bread, cucumbers, tomatoes, chickweed, and mint.
Falafel - small deep-fried patties made of highly-spiced ground chick-peas.
Fried cauliflower
Fried eggplant
Fuul (Vicia faba) slow cooked mash of brown beans and red lentils dressed with lemon olive oil and cumin.
Halva - sesame paste sweet, usually made in a slab and studded with fruit and nuts.
Hummus - dip or spread made of blended chickpeas, sesame tahini, lemon juice, and garlic, and typically eaten with pita bread
Kunafi - shoelace pastry dessert stuffed with sweet white cheese, nuts and syrup.
Kibbeh - the national dish, mainly stuffed, can be made in different form like (fried,uncooked,cooked with yogurt)
Kibbeh nayye - raw kibbeh eaten like steak tartar.
Kofta or Kafta - fingers, stars or a flat cake of minced meat and spices that can be baked or charcoal-grilled on skewers.
Kousa Mahshi- stuffed squash, many varieties are used
Kubideh - served with pivaz (a mix of minced parsley, onions, ground cumin and sumac).
Labneh- strained yogurt, spreadable and garnished with good olive oil and sea salt.
Znood Es-sett - filo pastry cigars with various fillings
Lahm bil ajĩn a pastry filled with minced meat, onions, and nuts.
Ma'amoul - date cookies shaped in a wooden mould called a tabi made specially for Ramadan or other Muslim holidays.
Manaeesh - mini pizzas that are made in any number of local bakeries or Furns (Furn Assalam, Ain El Hilwe, Saida), traditionally garnished with cheese, Zaatar, or minced meat and onions. some bakeries allow you to bring your own toppings and build your own or buy the ones they sell there. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Mujaddara (Imjaddarra) - cooked lentils together with wheat or rice, garnished with onions that have been sauteed in vegetable oil.
Mutabbel - made from eggplant
Pastirma or Bastirma
Samkeh harra- literally translated to "hot fish", grilled fish that has been marinated with chilis, citrus,and cilantro
Shanklish-string cheese
Shawarma- marinated meat (either chicken or lamb) that is skewered on big rods and cooked slowly, then shaved and placed in a 10 inch pita roll with pickles, tomatoes, and other tangy condiments.
Shish taouk- grilled chicken skewers that utilize only white meat, marinated in olive oil, lemon, parsley, and sumac
Siyyadiyeh - delicately spiced fish served on a bed of rice. fish cooked in saffron and served on rice with onions, sumac, and a tahini sauce (the most important part of the dish) originated in Saida (saidon).
Tabbouleh - diced parsley salad with burghul, tomato and mint.
Tahini- sesame paste
Wara' Enab - stuffed grape leaves
Za'atar - dried thyme and sumac that can differ from region to region and from family to family. Most are made in house, but can be bought at Lebanese larders.
Mezze - aptitretare
Hummus bi Tahina - Chickpea and Sesame Dip Hummus bi Tahina - KIKÄRT och Sesame Dip
Tahinat el Beid Tahinat el Beid
Chickpea and Olive Appetizer KIKÄRT och Olive förrätt
Baba Ghannouj - Eggplant Dip Baba Ghannouj - ÄGGPLANTA Dip
Muhammara - Hot Pepper Dip Muhammara - Hot Pepper Dip
Salatat Bathinjan - Eggplant Appetizer Salatat Bathinjan - ÄGGPLANTA förrätt
Al-Motubug - Stuffed Pastry Squares Al-Motubug - Fyllda piroger fyllda
Saudi Samboosak Saudi Samboosak
Shakshouka Shakshouka
Adas Bil Hamod - Lentils with Lemon Juice Adas Bil Hamod - Linser med citronsaft
Mekhalel - Pickles Mekhalel - Pickles
Arabic Pickled Turnips Arabiska Inlagd Rovor
Lamoun Makbouss - Pickled Lemons Lamoun Makbouss - Inlagd Citroner
Shorbat - Soups Shorbat - Soppor
Jalik - Cucumber Soup Jalik - Gurka Soppa
Looz Shorba - Almond Soup Looz Shorba - Almond Soup
Chickpea Soup KIKÄRT Soppa
Beid Bi Lamoun - Egg and Lemon Soup Beid Bi Lamoun - Ägg och Lemon Soup
Hamud - Chicken Soup with Lemon Hamud - Kyckling soppa med Lemon
Shourabit' Ads - Red Lentil Soup with Lamb Shourabit "Annonser - Röda linser Soppa med lamm
Salatat - Salads Salatat - Sallader
Fattoush - Toasted Bread and Salad Fattoush - rostat bröd och sallad
Jajik - Cucumber Salad Jajik - Gurka Sallad
Babini - Tomato Salad Babini - Tomat Sallad
Salatit Khodar Meshakel - Mixed Fresh Vegetable Salad Salatit Khodar Meshakel - Blandade färsk grönsak Sallad
Spinach Salad with Yogurt Spenat Sallad med Yogurt
Salatat Bazinjan Eswed Bel-Filfil - Eggplant and Chili Pepper Salad Salatat Bazinjan Eswed Bel-Filfil - aubergine och Chili Pepper Sallad
Fasooleyah Khodra bi Zeit - Oriental Green Bean Salad Fasooleyah Khodra bi Zeit - Oriental Green Bean Salad
Tabouleh - Parsley and Cracked Wheat Salad Tabouleh - Persilja och Cracked veteavtal Sallad
Salata Ducos - Green Coriander Salad Salata Ducos - Green Koriander Sallad
Lentil Salad Linser Sallad
Ful Madammas - Arabian Bean Salad Ful Madammas - Arabian Bean Salad
Laban - Yogurt Laban - Yogurt
Labni - Fresh Cheese made from Yogurt Labni - färskost gjord av yoghurt
Mahammara Labni - Fresh Cheese with Dill and Pimento Mahammara Labni - färskost med dill och pimento
Yogurt with Roasted Eggplant Yoghurt med Rostad aubergine
Cucumber with Yogurt Gurka med yoghurt
Yogurt with Garlic Yoghurt med vitlök
Khubz - Bread Khubz - Bröd
Pita Bread Pita Bröd
Aish Bel-Lahm - Bread with Meat Aish Bel-Lahm - Bröd med Kött
Sweet Bread Rings - Ka'kat Sweet Bröd Rings - Ka'kat
Beid - Eggs Beid - Ägg
Aijet Beythat - Egg Kabab Aijet Beythat - Egg Kabab
Stuffed Eggs Beyth Mahshi Fyllda ägg Beyth Mahshi
Beid Hamine - Hamine Eggs Beid Hamine - Hamine Ägg
Stuffed Omelet Fylld omelett
Scrambled Eggs with Vinegar Äggröra med Vinäger
Khodar - Vegetables Khodar - Grönsaker
Okra in Oil OCKRA i olja
Okra with Tomatoes OCKRA med Tomater
Helawat al Jazr - Sweet Cardamomed Carrots Helawat al Jazr - Söta Cardamomed Morötter
Ardy Shouki - Artichoke Casserole Ardy Shouki - kronärtskocka GRYTA
Lentils with Spinach Linser med spenat
Patlican - Fried Eggplant with a Yogurt Sauce Patlican - Stekt aubergine med en Yoghurt Sås
Hashwe - Arabian Stuffed Vegetables Hashwe - Arabian Fyllda grönsaker
Yalanchi - Stuffed Tomatoes Yalanchi - Fyllda Tomater
Ablama - Stuffed Eggplant Ablama - Fyllda aubergine
Kousa Bil Bandora - Zuccini with Tomatoes Kousa Bil Bandora - Zuccini med Tomater
Imam Bayildi - Vegetarian Stuffed Eggplant Imam Bayildi - Vegetarisk Fyllda aubergine
Filfil Rumi Mahshi - Stuffed Green Peppers Filfil Rumi Mahshi - Fyllda Gröna Paprikor
Mahshi Bassal - Stuffed Onion Rolls Mahshi Bassal - Fyllda Lök Rolls
Falafel Falafel
Yakhnit Lobia - Yakhnit Green Beans Yakhnit Lobia - Yakhnit Gröna Bönor
Macarona - Pasta Macarona - Pasta
Koazy Al-Macarona - Macaroni Koazy Koazy Al-Macarona - Makaroner Koazy
Kosheree - Egyptian Lentils Kosheree - egyptiska Linser
Roz - Rice Roz - Rice
Aroz Mofalfal - Arabian Rice Aroz Mofalfal - Arabian Rice
Aroz Saudi - Saudi Rice Aroz Saudiarabien - Saudi Rice
Mujadarra - Lentils and Rice Mujadarra - Linser och Ris
Bulghur Pilaff Bulghur Pilaff
Saffron Rice Saffransris
Riz bi Sh'areh - Rice with Vermicelli Riz bi Sh'areh - Ris med spån
Ruz bil-loz wa bil-tamar - Rice with Almonds and Dates Ruz bil-loz wa bil-Tamar - Ris med Mandel och Datum
Kibit Rus - Rice Patties Kibit Rus - Risprodukter pastejer
Gereesh - Cracked Wheat Gereesh - Cracked Vete
Gereesh Bel Laban - Cracked Wheat with Yogurt Gereesh Bel Laban - Cracked veteavtal med Yogurt
Samak - Fish Samarbetskommitté SAMAK - Fisk
Samak Bil Tahini - Fish with Tahini Samarbetskommitté SAMAK Bil tahini - Fisk med tahini
Sayyadieh - Fisherman's Fish with Rice Sayyadieh - Fisherman's Fisk med ris
Fish Baked in Sesame Sauce Fisk Vita i Sesame Sauce
Murabyan - Shrimp Abu Dhabi Murabyan - Shrimp Abu Dhabi
Awaal Arrubyaan bil Lebaneh - Yoghurt Marinated Shrimp Awaal Arrubyaan bil Lebaneh - Yoghurt Marinerade Shrimp
Kilich Shish - Istanbul Swordfish on Spits Kilich shish - Istanbul Svärdfisk på Spits
Swordfish Shish Kebab Svärdfisk shish Kebab
Dajaj - Chicken Dajaj - Kyckling
Sidreyat Al Dajaj - Chicken Breast Sidreyat Al Dajaj - Kycklingbröst
Kabsa - Chicken & Rice Skillet Kabsa - Chicken & Rice STEKPANNA
Farareej Mashwi - Broiled Chicken with Oil, Lemon, and Garlic Sauce Farareej Mashwi - Broiled Kyckling med olja, citron, och vitlökssås
Dajaj Bil Fitr - Mushroom Chicken Dajaj Bil Fitir - Mushroom Kyckling
Bukhari Chicken Bukhari Kyckling
Chicken Mohallabiyya Kyckling Mohallabiyya
Musakhan Musakhan
A Circassian's "Circassian-Style" Chicken En Circassian: s "Circassian-Style" Kyckling
Chicken with Olives Kyckling med Oliver
Dajaj Bel Laban - Chicken with Yogurt Dajaj Bel Laban - Kyckling med yoghurt
Djedjad - Chicken Roasted with Apricots Djedjad - Kyckling Rostad med Aprikoser
LaHem Baqir - Beef LaHem Baqir - Nötkött
Kofta Mlebissa - Batter Kofta Kofta Mlebissa - smet Kofta
Tafta Kofta - Beef Balls in the Pan Tafta Kofta - Nötkött bollar i Pan
Dawood Basha Dawood Basha
Kibbeh - Stuffed Cracked Wheat Shells Kibbeh - Fyllda Cracked veteavtal Tankskal
Kefta Kabab - Ground-Meat Kebabs Kefta Kabab - Mark-Kött grillspett
Kebab Bel Laban - Kebab with Yogurt Kebab Bel Laban - Kebab med Yogurt
Qady Qooda - Meatballs in Batter Qady Qooda - Köttbullar i smeten
Potato Kebba Potatis Kebba
Moroccan Meat Marockanska Kött
LaHem Kharouf - Lamb LaHem Kharouf - Lamb
Fakhitha Bel Laban - Leg of Lamb with Yogurt Fakhitha Bel Laban - Etapp av lamm med Yogurt
Cracked Wheat with Lamb and Chick-Peas Cracked veteavtal med lamm och kikärter
Tajen Al Lahm Tajen Al Lahm
Roz Tajin - Rice with Lamb Casserole Roz Tajin - Ris med Lamb GRYTA
Seleq - Lamb with Rice Cooked in Milk Seleq - lamm med ris Kokta i mjölk
Eggplant and Lamb Stew Aubergine och LAMMGRYTA
Eggplant and Lamb with Yogurt Aubergine och lamm med Yogurt
Blehat Lahma - Lamb Loaves with Apricots and Egg Blehat Lahma - Lamb bröd med Aprikoser och Egg
Moarraq Moarraq
Shish Kabab Shish Kabab
Lamb Kebabs Lamb kebab
Markat - Sauces Markat - Såser
Falafel Hot Sauce Falafel Hot Sauce
Herb Dressing Herb Dressing
Salsa or Dukoos - Saudi Herbed Salsa Salsa eller Dukoos - Saudi Herbed Salsa
Cucumber Sauce Gurka Sås
Taratoor - Sesame Sauce Taratoor - Sesame Sauce
Homemade Tahini - Sesame Seed Paste Homemade tahini - Sesamfrö Klistra
Leban Sauce Leban Sås
Halawiyat - Desserts Halawiyat - Efterrätter
Banana Loaf Banana limpa
Carob Date Loaf Johannesbrödmassa Datum limpa
Tatly - Custard Tatly - tjock vaniljsås
Figs in Syrup Fikon i sockerlag
Halva - Almond Dessert Halva - Almond Dessert
Umm Ali - "Mother of Ali" Umm Ali - "Mother of Ali"
Egyptian Sweet Couscous Dessert Egyptiska Sweet Couscous Dessert
Baklava Baklava
Boughasha - "Cigar" Pastries with Walnut Filling Boughasha - "Cigar" Bageri med Walnut Ifyllning
Lahooh Bel Loaz - Almond Pancakes Lahooh Bel Loaz - Almond Pannkakor
Basbousa - Semolina Cake Basbousa - Mannagryn Cake
"Caliph's Delight" "Kalifen's Delight"
Dhaw'k Allawz - Almond Paste Dhaw'k Allawz - mandelmassa
Date Rolls Datum Rolls
Date and Nut Sweets Datum och Nut Sötsaker
Tumr Bel Simsim - Dates with Sesame Seeds Tumr Bel Simsim - Dadlar med Sesamfrön
Tumr Bel Nargine - Coconut Dates Tumr Bel Nargine - Coconut Datum
Haysa Al-Tumreya - Dip for Dates Haysa Al-Tumreya - Dip för datum
Barazeh - Sesame Seed Cookies Barazeh - Sesamfrö Cookies
Mamool Cookies Mamool Cookies
Pistachio Date Crescents Pistasch Datum Crescents
Ghorayebah - Almond Cookies Ghorayebah - Almond Cookies
Lemon Granita - a Sorbet Lemon Granita - en Sorbet
Khoshaf - Dried Fruit Salad Khoshaf - Torkad frukt Sallad
Sesame Candy Sesame Candy
Haselnut Sweet Haselnut Sweet
Sheerah - Sweet Syrup for Middle Eastern Pastries Sheerah - Söta Sirap för Mellanöstern Bageri
Looqemat - Sweet Dumplings Looqemat - Söta dumplings
Aml Al Sheera - Syrup for Dumplings AML Al Sheera - Syrup för dumplings
Murabbiyat - Preserves Murabbiyat - Bibehåller
Wishna - Sour Black Cherry Jam Wishna - Sour Black Cherry Jam
Maraba Tamer - Date Jam Maraba Tamer - Datum Jam
Khushaf Bel Qamareddin - Apricot Preserve Compote Khushaf Bel Qamareddin - Aprikos Bevara kompott
Sharbat - Beverages Sharbat - Drycker
Qahwa Arabeya - Arabic Coffee Qahwa Arabeya - Arabiska Kaffe
Hot Tea with Cardamom and Cinnamon Hot Te med Kardemumma och kanel
Anise Tea Anis Te
Cinnamon Tea Kanel Te
Anis-Cinnamon Tea Anis-Kanel Te
Anis-Ginger Tea Anis-Ingefära Te
Mint Tea Mint Te
Moroccan Tea Marockanska Tea
Rose Petal Tea Rose blomblad Tea
Finjan Erfeh - Spicy Hot Drink Finjan Erfeh - Spicy Hot Drink
Middle Eastern Lemonade Mellanöstern Lemonad
Orange Sharbat Orange Sharbat
Pomegranate Drink Granatäpplen Drink